Why your business needs a website

Why your business needs a website

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Today's competitive landscape having a website is crucial for any business you do regardless of the nature of your business and it helps you in many ways as well as plays a great role in communication with your business community.

A business website is important for any business, especially for small and medium business entities. A well-designed & developed also well-maintained website contributes for you to catch the eye of new customers, increase brand awareness, to becoming a more recognizable brand. Because of this, everyone tends to focus on building a business website.

The first thing to pay attention to before creating a website is to identify the purpose and goals of the website you are going to create and what kind of uses it will have, with good planning.

For example, disseminate information about your business to the world, to provide information on business goods and services, business vision, plans, and staff information.

Beyond that you may have plans to communicate through a with your customers or potential customers Contact form or via a messaging feature, to inform the audience about existing job opportunities in your organization and to receive job applications, etc.

This may also include selling your products and/or services online (E-commerce), communicating with your audience with some complex built-in features, and executing promotions and marketing strategies on your products and/or services, you may consider these things as some advanced uses of your website.

Having a good understanding after a well-study of the nature of your business and identify the objectives and must-included features for your business website and having a good vision in advance will make the task of building a website very easy for you and your website developer.

The other fact is to decide on a good domain name that suits the business, tips on choosing a good domain name,

    1. Easy to remember, read and write.
    2. 20 characters or less.


  • luminousware.com(Good domain)
  • wearethebestdevelopmentcompany.com (Bad domain)
    1. End the domain name as .com as possible from the various domain extensions (.com/ .lk/ .org./ .net etc..) to choose from.

If the community you are targeting is only Sri Lanka and you intend to maintain a Sri Lankan identity using a domain ends as .lk is not a problem. (This is strongly applicable to small and medium enterprises only)

  1. Avoid choosing a double letter name. For example, (dresshop.com/ grassstore.com) are more prone to typos, and result in lost traffic.
  2. Avoid Hyphens in Domain Name. This will also prevent the chances of losing traffic to typos.

If the company or people you choose for the website building service are very experienced and able to steer your business in the right direction then you will not have to worry, it will definitely be easier for you to decide the above.

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