How to choose an outstanding domain name

How to choose an outstanding domain name
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Just as it is important to create a website for a business or brand, it is important to choose the right name for it. A good domain name is a long-term investment in a business. A well-chosen domain name contributes greatly to the first impression, SEO, and branding of a business.

Let's go step-by-step and find out.

Easy to remember, pronounce, and write.

Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to type correctly. The use of complex and rare words makes it difficult for your current and future customers to access your site.

20 characters or less.

  • -> Less than 20 characters (Good domain)
  • -> Not less than 20 characters (Bad domain)

.com as much as possible

According to statistics, about 43% of the websites on the Internet use the ".com" TLD. So the most familiar and easiest TLD extension to remember is ".com". So that, it is advised that to finish the domain name with .com out of the various Top-level domain extensions to choose from, or TLD (.com / .lk / .org. / .Net etc ..).

If the community you are targeting is only Sri Lanka and you intend to maintain the Sri Lankan identity, or the relevant .com domain name is already in the possession of another party, then it is best to use a country-specific TLD domain such as ".lk".

Need to go beyond .com?

If you intend to use another non-traditional top-level domain name, choose one that best suits your business or other essential purposes.


If you are involved in the tourism industry, you can use the term ".travel" if the purpose of creating the website is to promote your tourism business.


Avoid double letters.

When creating a domain name by matching two words, the last letter of the first word and the first letter of the next word are the same letters when combining two words, resulting in double-letter domain names.


  • -> (doors + shop)
  • -> (good + deals)
Typing such domain names is more prone to typos. This can increase the likelihood that the audience will mistype your domain name and the number of visitors you will lose.

Not only double letters to avoid

In addition to the double letter problem, when the letters of adjacent words are aligned, there are special cases where the same letter is repeated several times.

  • -> (grass + store)
  • -> (dress + shop)

Avoid hyphens (-)


Enter numbers when absolutely necessary.


If your business name is Elegance Mall 8,


Applying the domain name as is mandatory in this regard. This is because of the function of maintaining your business brand (brand identity).

What's more?

These are the basic and important facts you need to consider when deciding on a domain name.

There are more advanced topics you should consider when looking for a domain such as perform a trademark search to see if there is already a domain name with a similar or exact name already trademarked and choosing a great domain registrar.

We, at Luminousware help you decide on a good domain name and stay away from names that already have trademarks, we don't want you to be accused of using trademarks and face serious and unnecessary legal implications that cost a lot of money, we also help you register your domain online with leading domain registrars in the market.

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